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How to Deliver Leaflets in Ipswich and Essex
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Leaflet Distribution Essex for Dummies

I'm afraid too many folk approach the job of delivering leaflets door to door with the idea of "low skill", "no thought required" and "that'll do". As you may imagine they will not do well or last long in the leaflet distribution business. A better approach is the one should take to any job or activity in life. If you are going to do it, do it with a professional approach and a professional attitude or don't bother. Let's face it - if you approach any activity in life in a wishy wasy it doeasn't really matter way then you are going to have a wishy wash life that doesn't matter too. Look, you must have decided you wanted the job, needed the money and it was the best offer on hand - so lets take a different viewpoint - lets approach it like you should approach anything you do in life - in a professional way. Get a great job done and feel proud of having accomplished something useful at the end of the day.

I'll let you in on a secret - if you do the job right you most certainly have! Leaflet Distribution - in the UK alone, is estimated at producing over 12 million pounds worth of business for UK companies each week! And that is only by surveying the large corporations like Dominoes - there is probably as much again for smaller businesses like your local chip shop. So if leafletters in particular do a better job then there are thousands of UK businesses who will directly benefit in a very real way.

So - is it as simple as just banging a load of leaflets through letter boxes which "everybody hates" and going home hoping you weren't bitten by a dog? I don't think so! It is all too easy to take the easy way out and continually target flats and houses close together to get the volume out. Getting a volume out is great of course but if you want the best product then some intelligence is required. For high ticket items or lawn products or patio cleaning you don't have to have gone to university to figure out you want the bigger houses with lawns and a BMW in the drive to get your customer the response they want or need. Think about it from an ethical viewpoint - if he doesn't get the response he loses money and decides that "leafleting doesn't work". This wasn't true - he just bought a lie is what happened.

This recoils back on the leafleter when he gets laid off some months later as there is less work around now. Even if it was only a temporary job and he is foolish enough not to care these things have got a habit of coming back on you. Six months later when he is working as a car salesman he fails to make two sales he could have made if he had worked harder - the owner of the leafleting company and the owner of the person who ordered the job both decide to keep their cars another year as things are tight right now...

We are all part of the same community and what we do affects everyone else around as we are all part of the same society - rich or poor. Why do you think California is a rich state and Nigeria poor? The weather? Penquins? Perhaps it has something to do with the people who live there and how hard they work, their ethics level and their willingness to do a good and professional job in whatever they undertake - play, raising children, work or study. Be sucessful - be rich, it's up to you really. Even the lowly Leaflet Distribution worker is very definitely doing his bit to keep the british economy going when he does a good job - more than can be said of a lot of banks!


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Door 2 Door Leaflet delivery has been operating from Ipswich since 2000. In that time we have become the first choice for many companies around East Anglia, Ipswich, Norwich, Essex, Colchester, Harlow etc.

In order to offer the highest quality leaflet distribution service we are one of the only companies that employs full time distributors to get the work done.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer an excellent service for all companies large or small in making their flyers work. We know how that's done - by actually and intelligently delivering your leaflet through letter boxes and not just saying we did!

We also distribute the leaflets intelligently picking houses and streets where your goods or services are more likely to actually be wanted.

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