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Leaflet Delivery Essex Strikes again
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A couple of success stories on leaflet distribution

Great success with a couple of firms with the good "old fashioned" leaflet delivery work- and it's been done in London and Manchester as well as in Ipswich and the East Anglia region so it isn't that we are behind things in East Anglia - far from it, leaflet distribution is expanding UK companies through a hard recession when others have given up instead of just doing the usual and to hell with government taxes and the billions (or is that trillions) the banks lose but we have to pay.

Case one is an established company that uses many forms of marketing (of course) including leaflet distribution. Times got hard and stats went down - viability was threatened. They did something unusual - instead of blaming the recession and cutting back - thus shrinking further and faster - they got up early in the morning and with a few key staff and an excellent, simple yet small and cheap leaflet and started going door to door distributing the leaflets themselves. Hard work - yes, effective - surprisingly so. They discovered - to their amazement - that with an intelligent distribution of their leaflet actually done, they were getting a decent enquiry for every 350 leaflets distributed - compare this to the "2,500" they were getting before.

Intrigued they continued the work to see if it was a fluke or they were very special people. As the days went by and they conscripted a few staff to help it soon became apparent that the 350 figure held true. Sure it fluctuated a little but never as bad as before - 500 was the poorest score and 50 was got a lead - but the 350 average just didn't vary if the volume was around the 10,000 mark. Soon the light dawned and the truth outed - the variable figures they were getting before were not based on the actual leaflet, time of year or weather. The results they saw were based on the actual number of leaflets that were intelligently distributed. When it was 2,500 to a lead they realised that what was properly given out was 250 - the rest never made it through a sensible door either ending up in the bin - being delivered two or three to a door (by accident of course) or surprisingly common with some companies being found in a bin on the street.

By trialling companies with a 10,000 drop they soon discovered that only a few good UK companies come anywhere near delivering the leaflets and using a modicum of sense such as advertising lawn products to houses who have lawns rather than flats! It has happened - you know it has!

Door2Door Leafleting - who distribute leaflets in East Anglia where one of the companies that passed the test - with their unique back-checking service, leaflet distribution staff have mobile phones and an open book policy on where they are at any time so customers can actually go and eyeball their leaflet delivery operation and confirm the work is being done. The results speak for themselves of course. Like so many jobs - the first thing to check when anything goes wrong is - was it done at all and if so was it done right. When you get that point in there is usually nothing else to sort out. If you want leaflet delivery or leaflet distribution in East Anglia - you know where to go!


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Door 2 Door Leafleting

Door 2 Door Leaflet delivery has been operating from Ipswich since 2000. In that time we have become the first choice for many companies around East Anglia, Ipswich, Norwich, Essex, Colchester, Harlow etc.

In order to offer the highest quality leaflet distribution service we are one of the only companies that employs full time distributors to get the work done.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer an excellent service for all companies large or small in making their flyers work. We know how that's done - by actually and intelligently delivering your leaflet through letter boxes and not just saying we did!

We also distribute the leaflets intelligently picking houses and streets where your goods or services are more likely to actually be wanted.

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