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Leaflet Distribution Cambridge
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I love Cambridge - a classic English towm with so much of what I admire. Much of it is perhaps old fashioned in its world view - but I dont consider this to be a bad thing - on the contrary I think that's what makes it so desireable. Get the leaflets distributed here isn't so much the machine type job of a more modern town like Southend on Sea or even Norwich. When I am delivery around Cambridge it is more like going for a walk and saying hello to lots of random people. I always use my bicycle when leafleting Cambridge - it just seems so apt.

The cart to bring the leaflets from door to door seems out of place - like should be in Kings Lynn or Great Yarmouth - for Cambridge or Cambridgeshire it has to be the bike to fit in. I struggle somethime to get on the leaflets on-board - I have a front basket, two side panniers and a carry device over the back wheeel to stand any chance of getting them all (sometimes we deliver leaflets in two's or even three's). As I aim to deliver at least 3,000 leaflets in a day that can mean carrying 9,000 leaflets at one time.

Yes - that is a long day - but I don't mind - really - if people are friendly and the weather not too inclement then it is a joyous day. I often stop by a pub for lunch - in Haverhill or Saffron Walden or any of the little villages out side Cambridge and enjoy a ploghmans in the beer garden and a pint of their finest ale. As I am a leaflet distributor I can start and finish when I like - just as long as I get them all out I've done my work - what more could you ask for?

So, that's why I like doing leaflet distribution in Cambridge - I don't mind delivering leaflets around Kings Lynn or Harlowe either as they too have many nice areas - though admittedly if it gets a bit too much on the scenic countryside one isn't going to get too many leaflets delivered - one need some rows of houses - preferably terraced - to get a good volume in an hour. But there is travelling between the villages that makes it worthwhile for me - I like the freedom and the ability to make maony as I need to and enjoy myself more when I don't.

So there you go - if you need leaflet distribution Cambridge then I'm your man I guess - leaflet delivery is the name of my game.


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Door 2 Door Leaflet delivery has been operating from Ipswich since 2000. In that time we have become the first choice for many companies around East Anglia, Ipswich, Norwich, Essex, Colchester, Harlow etc.

In order to offer the highest quality leaflet distribution service we are one of the only companies that employs full time distributors to get the work done.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer an excellent service for all companies large or small in making their flyers work. We know how that's done - by actually and intelligently delivering your leaflet through letter boxes and not just saying we did!

We also distribute the leaflets intelligently picking houses and streets where your goods or services are more likely to actually be wanted.

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